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How much does Facebook pay you for 1 million views

 How much does Facebook pay you for 1 million views

how y'all doing guys Azhar here thank
you for checking out this articles if you
enjoy it please do hit that subscribe
button I have a lot more kind of social
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so definitely hit subscribe for them to
go straight into your inbox now you want
to know how much YouTube pays for a
video that hits 1 million views and I
can give you a straight up number but
it's pretty dodgy I don't want to be
mean to Facebook but their customer
service and just their general like ad
payment process is horrific but I'm
gonna share with you a video that one of
our clients has and what it's hid and
how much Facebook are paying for that
now I recently did a video as you've
seen on your screen now about how much
YouTube pay so if you want to see that
there is a video below
but let's head over to Facebook and I
will have to blur some of this out so
it's just confidential information that
I don't want to share and it's not fair
on the brand owners and the people that
work behind it so this is a video here
and you are seeing straight up the
estimated earnings of a video that has
hit 2.1 million views but here's the
catch if you're new to Facebook you will
know that you need to hit oh god I think
it's the first minute so your viewer has
to watch a minute of your video before
your ad hits and in that minute that's
when you get an ad impression so you
could have a million views but only 2%
3% 4% whatever hits that one minute
because as you know Facebook is a very
quick digestion platform meaning people
watch and go within seconds they reckon
you need to grab the users attention
within the first two seconds of a video
so doing that it's quite hard let alone
getting them to a minute so you could
have a million views but that's not a
million ad impressions whereas YouTube
that usually is so what you're seeing
here is a video of 2.1 million views
and 10 and 1.6 million 10 second view x'
but the average video watch time is just
over a minute could not plan this but
hey lucky for us it worked now let's
just go straight into estimated earnings
so there you have it
okay but what you're seeing so if you
have that so that was 2 million views
you have that you get a million views
and you can have their ad impressions as
well so this is 2 million views have
450,000 ad impressions so only 25%
probably a little less now was hitting
that 1 minute mark and I'll tell you
straight up now that is impressive stats
for Facebook having 25 percent of your
viewers hit a minute in is ridiculous
that stuff is like a thing of myths I'd
be impressed if you were getting above 5
percent so if you need some Facebook
strategy tips or you want to grow a page
that does video hit us up we can help
you with that we've done it before
you're seeing what we've done so we can
help you so what I'm what I'm seeing
here is what you're seeing is two
thousand five hundred and eighty five
dollars for five hundred thousand ad
impressions but we're gonna have that
because we hit 2 million views so we're
gonna have that and you're looking at
one thousand two hundred and fifty
dollars for a million views but as I
said you could have a video that only
has 10% of people hitting their
one-minute threshold you know so it is
you just can't tell you exactly what
you're gonna earn but if you were to hit
but we've hit you'd be earning one
thousand two hundred and fifty dollars
per a thousand views which is similar to
YouTube but you can see a big error here
and this is why I hate doing video on
Facebook because it's so unreliable
they reckon here that they're paying us
$10 per CPM and for those of you that
are new to lingo
CPM is cost per millennium which is cost
per a thousand so that's what they think
they're paying us per a thousand and
impressions which is absolute nonsense
they're not because we'd have four
thousand five hundred and fifty dollars
earnings here right that makes sense
but they're not they're paying us four
hundred fifty thousand four two thousand
five hundred eighty five dollars so if
I'm working out craley correctly that's
like this is where my math is pretty
terrible two dollars instead of ten four
dollars sorry
four dollars four dollars CPM but that's
ad impression so don't know where
they're getting that from they're lying
to us or they're taking a big cut from
it and that's new to me I don't know
what they're taking but they should be
paying us what they're saying and
they're not but I could get into all the
other details you know of a facebook
video but if I if you were looking to
make a load of money through Facebook
video I'd say be very very careful what
you do we had a video where they were
swearing in it and we monetized it bang
got banned
we got mono tech monetization taking off
us so like be very wary and not every
page will be given monetization we hit
one of our pages hit about a hundred and
fifty thousand no god near a quarter of
a million page likes and then we got
offered Facebook monetization in videos
so you have to get quite a large
following on your brand or community
before you're allowed to monetize and
even then they'll usually take it off it
they'll screw up payments and everything
like it's just not viable and this is
why a lot of publishers dislike Facebook
because they change algorithms like that
and there's nothing you can do so there
you have it there's a video there of two
million views and that's earnest two
thousand five hundred dollars you have
at 1 million views one thousand two
hundred and fifty dollars which is you
know it's a lot it's a lot less than
YouTube at times but hey it can work for
you if you do it right and you make up a
pretty damn good strategy but you need
to be safe so there you have it guys if
you do want advice or tips or you want
to work alongside us or you want us to
work on one of your brands hit us up we
can help you out a ton actually because
we've done it before so or even if you
need advice or you want a chat over a
coffee gets up we can help you out and
don't forget to follow us on social
media to follow our journey and
definitely hit subscribe because you've
got a ton more videos like these coming
up so catch you in the next one peace


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