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breaking news with me sankirta padilla

breaking news with me sankirta padilla 

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breaking news with me sankirta padilla a

show where we get you all the views so

that you get the complete

now in yesterday's match

we had almost won but then we lost

and there were two things that happened

in this law in the last overs

one is a very expensive over

from bhubaneswar kumar

and then

a drop a misfire

by ashdeep singh

after that our sleep came in he bowled a

fantastic over in the end but by then

the game was lost anyway it is just a


we win some we lose some

true to the nature of this country we

are an emotional country we get happy

very quickly and excited and then we are

sad and angry also

but at what point do we start calling

our players kalistan



changed the wikipedia page

accuse players of being

affiliated with kalistani organizations

and that's why dropping the catch

now that was a bit too much

but the point is trolling of this kind

had started happening yesterday happened

early this morning

and then later senior bjp leaders came

out and said that no this is not indians

who are trolling

these are pakistani twitter handles

masquerading as indians

trolling ashdeep singh

so that there is a divide in this


one such leader is mr sirsa of the

bhartiya janata party who has just now

tweeted and let's put that tweet on the

screen right now where he says i have

filed a police complaint against zubair

muhammad zubair from alt news as he has

in fact he was a part of pakistan's

current conspiracy

to defame sikhs

and fuel hate campaign against sikhs in

india his screen shots are used by

pakistani handles i have demanded

inquiry into who supported zubair in

creating this kalistani agenda so that's

the allegation by mr manjinder singh

sirsa of the bharti janata party that

mohammed zubair

is conspiring with

pakistan to defame 6

and fuel hate campaign against sikhs in

this country

but first quickly let's quickly tell you

what was the sequence of events so this

is what happened

on the 4th of september the india versus

pakistan match with the asia cup

you had india

sadly losing to pakistan by five wickets

ashdeep dropped a crucial catch in the

final overs

but then arsdi was trolled online for

the drop

there was a khalistan slur on social




wikipedia page was changed to portray a

certain khalistan connection or a

kalistan association these are the facts

as far as this case is concerned

and the bjp is manjinder singh sirsa as

we just showed you alleged that there

was a pakistani propaganda behind this

trolling these were not indians

these are not indians who are trolling

deep it's actually pakistan as part of a


creating trouble in this country

now what happened in this

wikipedia page let us quickly tell you

that so ashdeep's wikipedia page

according to the government is now

vandalized uh there are reports which

suggests that our sheep's uh his his

wikipedia page is uh


you know has basically been given a spin

that uh

he is affiliated with kalistan and it

portrays a pro-khalsani link and the

center has now summoned the central

government which is the government of

elect the ministry of electronics and

information technology has now summoned

wikipedia executives after this page was

vandalized to find out who vandalized it

what was the i p address some of the

experts some of the i.t experts

who have

good knowledge of how to track ip


where the change was made you see

wikipedia is

the nature of wikipedia is such that

anyone can change

it's basically

open source anyone can change

information about an individual

so the indian government wants to know

where exactly is this ip address and

what is the check and balance that

wikipedia puts in in place

some of the experts say it experts say

that the ip address was traced back to


in fact there are pro government

fact checkers who are now claiming that

most of the initial kalistan tweets


coming out of pakistan

and the united states of america not

many were coming out from india so these

were not indians who were doing this

that's the that's the tweet handle it's

called anti-propaganda front it says

indian cricketer ashdeep singh dropped a

catch in the final moments of india

versus pakistan soon pakistani isi bots

and seeks for justice which is a banned

organization in india

a khalasani organization they started

targeting arsdeep calling him khalistani

similar propaganda was run by pakistan

against muhammad shami during the t20

world cup and then there is a long

thread which explains what happened

uh they give a a sort of a break up also

which we'll show you through the course

of this program

so on the show this evening first of all

not a question but a statement it's very

important to put this statement out and

the statement is now going to come on

your screen


is with aarshdeep


there is absolutely no debate

people drop catches

i mean people who have not played gully

cricket also

will now suddenly become experts on how

catches need to be dropped and picked

and it's it's a it was a tense moment

he has been spectacular ashdeep

to now

draw in inference that

you know this was

not very wise of him or as some allege

deliberate on his part and then now this

notorious kalistani angle

and then the pakistani angle imagine

what this will do to a young player is

only 23

and it is time now for every nefarious

and notorious tweet

for all patriotic indians now to perhaps

pick up their phone and tweet in favor

of arsdi

because it is very clear that india

is with ashdeep


let's quickly play out these reactions





all right joining us right now uh mr

manjit rai leader of the bjp uh ashdeep


uh cardial is the spokesperson of the

congress party sanjay jha founder of and jitin jain a cyber

security expert jitin i want to begin

with you thank you very much uh

gentlemen for joining us jutin i want to

begin with you first i remember in an

earlier broadcast you were telling us

that any uh it expert would be able to

trace back the source of these tweets

and this information and that wikipedia

page change where arshiv singh

and his link with

that very very notorious link was drawn

to khalid can you please tell our

viewers how

look uh so ip addresses are allocated to

uh you know telecom or uh you know

internet service providers like in india

if you see uh nine eight one zero

numbers are with eight and nine eight

double line was hajj so if you look at a

mobile number within a minute you can

figure out whether which country this

number belongs to so likewise if you

look at an ip address within a minute

you can figure out which country this

belongs to so the wikipedia edit which

was done to defame aashti pan call him

akhanissani and vandalize this page the

edit that happened

from a particular user was based in

pakistan and as a confirmatory thing the

ip address of that user which is visible

on wikipedia page because wikipedia

capture ip addresses when you make an

edit that ip address belongs to pakistan

so that's link number one now a second

there are two kind of accounts on

twitter when you run a hashtag trend one

who openly claimed to be pakistanis

then there are second sort of accounts

which are pakistanis which masquerade as

indian accounts you know

using fake identities calling themselves

with indian looking names and all those


and but if you carefully look you can

figure out their bots because they're

you know tweeting a set of propaganda

always pro imran khan provo isi abusing

india and then using names as bharat

kapoor and all those things

so the point here is uh if you look at

this entire thing in a larger context

this is not about cricket this is not

about hindu and muslims the pakistani

army as their war doctrine has been

using information warfare and

disinformation propaganda as a tool to

create divides and fixtures in india to

bleed india with thousand wounds using

cyber every day and this is not my

assumption it is written in the green

book which reflects the security policy

which is available online which was

leaked online and it has been happening

for four years and there is a continual

pattern everything 360 was abolished

there is a kashmir to kalistan project

where they try and link up kashmir and

kalistan as two common issues and you

know coming together so all the accounts

which are tweeting against government of

india during article 370 application

most of them were you know predicting

themselves as six most of them were

operating that's fake accounts by sick

for justice which is a brand

organization funded and fueled by isi if

you go on then there for four years

there are continuous hashtags which are

being run indian muslims in danger so

suppose there is a small incident which

happens where an indian you know user on

zomatos but

a small incident in a country of 1.4

billion may happen but these pakistani

accounts will tweet that 14 thousands

and thousands and create a picture as if

every indian is by according muslims

they will create thousands and hundreds

of fake videos shooting rights

projecting that indians are killing you

know hindus are killing muslims muslims

are killing indians molesting women and

all those things creating an atmosphere

of deep religious divide in india now

preventing terrorism and

punjab is another their agenda where

they're trying to fuel this kalispan

issue now calling mohammed shamiyah

pakistani or calling

you know

rashford khalid is that larger

propaganda of creating religious device

in india now on indian government side i

think our agencies have completely

failed to understand this new age

warfare a fifth generation warfare they

are a not able to detect two they are

not able to stop three at times when

they are able to detect they don't know

how to deal with it and it has come to a

stage where our society has completely

fallen for that ispr trap our mainstream

political opposition parties question

government whether you actually dropped

a bomb in during airstrikes or not

our political parties actually believe

that it is indian society which has been

trolling mohammed shami or rashtrip our

journalists our society our leaders

actually fight with each other but then

you know here is the thing

i i would


long before this


generation or social media rage existed

a time where

indians used to love their cricket and

cricketers when they won and indians

used to thrash their cricketers

to lose so so they said this has

happened but but if if you say that

this is a cyber security threat and a

new form of cyber warfare which which

pakistan is indulging in then in that


much more is expected from the

government because just imagine what

this does to the morale of the players

what this does

how do you expect a common twitter user

in this country to know that this is

cyber warfare from pakistan apart from

this saying

you'll have to there is

you see if the government does not act

if you do not produce conclusive proof

to say that this is pakistani it will

appear as if the government is trying to

hide behind

saying that you know whatever is

happening is basically coming from


i'm willing to trust the government i'm

willing to trust the government as long

as there is

factual proof presented in front of the


with data that here are the for instance

as jitin just said you can track down

the ip addresses you can give all that

data and put it out in the in the public


well sanket i'm glad you pointed out

because we all have grown you know

loving cricket uh we love our cricketers

we idolize them we lionize them but

whenever they have gone through a rough

patch history tells us that we have also

got very aggressive and at times

extremely violent as well i remember the

last when india failed in the world cup

in the west indies you know after we

struggled against bangladesh and we were

knocked out even before the main

tournament took off there was so much of

anger against the team that comprised of

sort of gangkoli rahul dravid ms dhoni

and sachin tendulkar i can understand

emotions run high but the truth is this

matter appears to be a lot more

sensitive because if i were to go by

what jitnjin is saying

he says that this is entirely engineered

it's a project from across the border

which makes it a very sensitive issue in

terms of national security because end

of day to call a young cricketer i mean

our steep saying it comes across as such

a friendly sweet

likeable cricketer besides the fact that

he's a fantastic player and to make him

appear like a kalistani if that's the

positioning being done i think it's it's

awful it's dangerous it's unhealthy it

can have very you know negative


and i do believe it's then the state

responsibility to ensure that if there

are twitter handles which are nefarious

and spreading a malicious uh you know

kind of propaganda or indulging in a

malignant attempt to divide india using

a popular actor the state needs to act

and act extremely promptly but i think

jethan has a point that end of day if

you look at our country i mean we may

call ourselves a back office operations

of the world we don't have a data

protection act yet we are so casual

about the way these things happen he's

absolutely right the majority of people

i know still believe if it's true that

muhammad shami was

only trolled from people from pakistan

or some other hostile country a lot of

people don't buy it they believe that

there were many people you know who are

fanatical lovers of the game who

targeted a one poor you know muslim man

playing for the indian cricket team so i

think these are really responsibility of

the government because the players

sanket deserved they don't deserve to go

through this hellish nightmare imagine

what the young boy is feeling at the

moment correct playing the asia for

india does he deserve this and you know

it was lovely hearing

look at his record i mean look at his

record in the game a spectacular bowler

yeah spectacular

even and he's so nice to see virat kohli

speaking like a statesman you know he's

he's looked so concerned you can see the

solicitude and affection he has for his

younger colleague but you know end of

day this goes beyond a player this is uh

the responsibility of the establishment

to work proactively towards sure okay

and my question to you is

this is

i don't see any

urgency from the government and that's

why these things will keep on happening

pakistani problems

country to believe that this is

anti-india propaganda anything from

pakistan of course produce

officially from government sources for

the people to believe

because right now a proof here a proof

there somebody saying this somebody

saying that does not cut it that's the

point jitin is making

the time is horribly slow

government moves slowly


what needs to be done one moment and and

it'll be great if we could have

political consensus on something if this

is about nationals today it is uh yes

deep tomorrow it can be anything

yes i mean they will look for reasons to

do this over and over again

see we also happen to share a common

name so definitely my sympathies are

with ashley and number two you asked me

a question as to what would the congress

party do finally give me an

uninterrupted minute first of all we

would have ordered an a

bound inquiry and that would have

happened right after the incident

occurred the first role the first course

that was made that was the meaning

derogatory and definitely the inquiry

should have been ordered so as to be

able to bring that to a haunt but the

you know but since we are debating upon

this issue and and we have seen how big

the problem has become and how many

repercussions there are

you know being generated out of it it

goes on to suggest that the bhp party

wasn't concerned with it and they rather

apparently waited it out so that the

people could you know

probably talk about something which is

not about the government's failures for

example inflation poverty unemployment

etc number two no matter what happens

let me convey this once and for all the

congress party stands with ashley he was

the pride of india and will continue to

be the part of india and we hope and

appeal to everybody who's watching this

and to the communist parties workers and

leaders that you should openly come out

in the support of us because he's

unnecessarily being trolled being uh you

know uh propaganda is being initiated

against him and number three uh this

obnoxious trolling in propaganda is

coming from where you know some

so-called experts who are not in the

indian cricket team if they really were

experts and knew everything about

catching and you know balling they

probably would have been in the indian

team and not our steep it is the other

way round so therefore do they even have

any locus standard to question the ball

that the catch was missed and number

five you know bjp says that the pakis

that pakistan is involved in it and

there are certain opinions coming on the

ip address

what is the pgp waiting for why

every possibility that this could be a

pakistani propaganda but my point is if

this comes not by way of some tweet or

some government sources

by the government directly a credible

voice from the government saying this is

proof of pakistani involvement

help the country rally behind the

government that yes indeed this is a


procrastinating delaying hiding that

game i think does not work and it has

now started affecting it has started

affecting our cricketers it will soon

start affecting every aspect of life we

don't want it

i want to ask you again i want to ask

you sanjay and inquiries

one thing i wanted to ask you i'm sure

this will have a terrible impact on the

mental health of the players

imagine a 23 year old

caught in the middle of a debate

on kalistan

and india and pakistan that's the last


that's the last thing that one would

want uh on the mind of a player

too much pressure so what what should

the board do

what sort of

what sort of effort needs to be made i'm

sure there are mental health experts and

all they have the best coaches with them

but what else can be done

well sanketh first and foremost we need

to recognize that all these

international players have gone through

a very tough time because they have

played cricket during the pandemic

living in bubbles which can have very

serious mental health problems you've

seen many cricketers have taken breaks

because they have actually not been able

to handle the isolation the match


living you know away from their families

not being able to step out of their

rooms it's been a traumatic experience

what the bcci ought to do here and this

is very very critical is to ensure that

they and the entire team needs to come

up front and don't just leave it to one

or two people they should all say that

we are going to stand behind any player

who is subjected to such kind of

merciless abuse and campaign number two

very critical you know the cricketers

must be told that when you are playing

cricket stay off social media and don't

watch television now let me tell you

it's a very easy temptation your family

member will tell you something etc but i

know of people who actually studiously

ignore social media or avoid television

is humanly tough but it must be done

because otherwise your mind can play

havoc with you the third point which is

very critical is that you know the

players need mental conditioning you

know i believe now you know they're

getting one of the veterans of the past

back again to you know do those

motivation talks remember a player is

not just about you know the physical

fitness and the skills on the field it's

all about the space you know the six

inches between your two years and i

think that conditioning that mental

toughness is something that today the

international players are quite aware

how susceptible they can be they're

professional they know it but they still

will need guidance and and that is why

uh we decided not to put this to a

debate but basically

give out a statement i've run out of

time thank you very much

one more time on the screen that india

is with


and this is a fact

period we are with arsdi

this is the position of india now

whoever that troll may be

it's very clear if you can troll

you can be angry you can be mad for the


but you can't hold it against such a

stellar cricket player

good night and goodbye


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