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elon musk biography in english

elon musk biography in english

billionaires play a significant role in

shaping the economy of the world

they invest in high yielding businesses

and stocks

however pandemics and Wars deeply affect

the world's economy leaving some impact

on these Giants too

for example the net worth of Elon Musk

Tesla CEO increased in 2021 due to the

rise in the share price of Tesla

on the other hand meta platform

Incorporated founder Mark Zuckerberg saw

a downfall in his net worth

every year Forbes releases a list of the

wealthiest people on earth

so do you wonder who the top 10 richest

people in the world are

to know this let us get started

who is Elon Musk

the tech giant Elon Musk is the richest

man in the world having a net worth of

219 billion dollars according to a

report published by Forbes

in January 2021 Elon Musk excelled Jeff

Bezos and earned the first spot on the

list of the wealthiest men in the world

early life


Elon Musk was born on June 28 1971 in

Pretoria South Africa

his father Errol musk was a wealthy

South African engineer while his mother

may musk was a Canadian supermodel

she was the oldest woman to star in a

Covergirl campaign

his siblings are Kimball musk's and

Tosca musks

at the age of 10 he had a great interest

in computers

it was the year when his parents got


at the young age of 12 he designed the

video game Blaster and sold it to a

computer magazine

surprising fact

the ultra talented Elon Musk has

Asperger's Syndrome which is a form of

autism spectrum disorder



in his school days he was an introverted

and bookish child

his classmates bullied him until he was

15 which got him to learn wrestling and

karate to defend himself

in 1989 when he was 17 he left South

Africa to study at Queen's University


the same year he got Canadian


in 1992 he transferred to Pennsylvania

to study Physics and business

it was physics that captured his

interest in the years to come

so he graduated in economics and pursued

a second Bachelor's in physics

after this he moved to Stanford

University California to study for a PhD

in energy physics which he left just

after two days

in 1995 Elon formed his first company

zip2 Corporation

Elon Musk got U.S citizenship in 1992.

his dream place

marital life

Elon Musk got married twice

he married Justin Wilson in 2000.

with her he has five Sons Twins and

triplets Thrice

he married actress Tallulah Riley and

ended their relationship twice

with Canadian singer Grimes he has a son

2020 and a daughter 2022.

notable achievements

number one XCOM and PayPal

with just fifteen thousand dollars Elon

launched zip two with his brother


zip2 helped newspapers like the New York

Times and Chicago Tribune to create an

online city guide

in 1999 compact computers bought zip2 in

cash for 307 million dollars while 34

million dollars was in stock options

musk used the sale money to

a financial services company

[Music] was merged with confinity Inc

which is an online Money Transfer


later it became what it is called today


Elon Musk earned his first billion when

PayPal was bought by eBay for 1.5

billion dollars

number two SpaceX

in 2002 musk founded SpaceX space

exploration Technologies Corporation

he invented spacecraft for commercial

space travel

he had the intention of creating

affordable Rockets the Rockets he

launched were

the Rockets he launched were

Falcon 1 launched in 2006.

Falcon 9 launched in 2010

Falcon heavy launched in 2018 carried

116 000 pounds 53 000 kilograms to orbit

the dragon spacecraft had even carried

astronauts to the International Space

Station in 2020

. in 2008 under a contract with NASA

SpaceX transported cargo to the

International Space Station

number three Falcon 9 Rockets

in 2010 Elon Musk launched Falcon 9

carrying 1 000 pounds of supplies to the


he was delighted at this achievement


I feel very lucky

for us it's like winning the Super Bowl

in February 2015 he sent a satellite to

observe the sun's emissions which affect

power grids and communication systems on


in November 2017 the block 5 Merlin

engine exploded but later in July 2018

the launch went successful

number four Tesla Motors

became the co-founder CEO and architect

of an electric car company called Tesla

Tesla produced electric cars batteries

and solar roofs

he formed a sports car A Roadster that

is capable of accelerating at zero to 60

miles per hour in 3.7 seconds

Tesla introduced the model S in 2012 and

was honored as the car of the year 2013

by Motor Trend Magazine

in 2017 the model 3 was an affordable

less expensive car but was regarded as

the best-selling electric car of all


number five Twitter

in April 2022 musk the world's richest

man made a huge deal of 44 billion

dollars to buy Twitter

after that he changed his tone and

indicated he was backing out of the deal

he claimed that Twitter had not provided

the necessary data to calculate the

number of accounts thus providing

inaccurate information on the presence

of Bot accounts

Twitter has sued for legal action

against Elon

number six the boring company

in January 2017 musk launched the boring

company to bore and build tunnels to

reduce road traffic

number seven neurolink Nai

musk became the co-chairman of

non-profit open AI to benefit Humanity

with artificial intelligence

in 2017 he launched an unbelievable

Venture near a link with the mission to

implant ships into the human brain and

connect them with the software

the bottom line

Elon musk's passion for technology as a

child set the stage for him to strive

for human progress

his inventions from the Earth to space

represent actual technological


although there were certain risks his

dedication to SpaceX Solar City Tesla

Motors and neurolink allowed him to earn

what many of us can only imagine


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